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1948 – Born in London

1966 – Studies painting and drawing at Olga Katavaskaya’s art studio in London

1970-74 – Studies at Art Academy in Florence (Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze)

1974 – Degree in Fine Arts at Art Academy in Florence

1992 – 2014 - Walter Sarfatti opens his own fine arts print shop/gallery in San Gimignano, Italy

2014 – 2022 Works in his studio in Certaldo/Italy 

I began my studies of painting and art history in Florence during the late '70's.  Initially my desire was to become an art historian, but as my studies developed my interest turned towards painting and  printmaking.  I returned to London and worked in the studio of the Russian painter Olga Katavaskaya for one year. When I returned to Italy I obtained my degree in fine arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence.  As I became more fascinated in the art of printmaking (multiple colour etching on copper and zinc) I decided to specialize in this medium, working as an assistant in the production of the editions of the original prints by the Italian sculptor Marino Marini.  A couple of years later I opened my own workshop in Florence, where I produced many editions of original prints by Italian and foreign artists like Marini, A. Bueno, Gentilini, Schifano, and Karp.  I now focus on my own figurative and non-figurative work in monochrome and in colour. 

I currently live and work in the countryside near San Gimignano, where I have my work on show in Stefano Stampa's gallery (via San Martino 8)  for visitors to browse or buy.


Walter Sarfatti, an Anglo-Italian “citizen of the  world”, with Jewish roots and a strong  connection with Japanese culture,  has chosen the Tuscan countryside to live in and work.

He began his artistic research during his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. He developed an interest in oil painting and pastel drawing, and later  discovered  his true passion : multi-colour and black and white printmaking.

Etching, aquatint and sugarlift are the principal media he uses  for his work. He is often  inspired by the search for harmony and balance guided by a reinterpretation of  familiar elements which can be perceived in a decomposed leaf,  a rusty nail, a shaft  of light.

The Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi  fires Sarfatti’s  imagination with its esthetic  ideal, philosophic model and spiritual path which modifies the perception of objects and nature around him. Elegance and essence  are two watch words in his artistic work.

 He is a master printmaker using the technique of etched  multi-colour plates. He is an artists who suggests, but  is never impetuous.  Sarfatti  is a spokesman of deep values for what he is surrounded by.


Michela Cane, Florence 2016          

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